A Turn For The Worse

This morning on my way to the office I was walking toward the corner of Wabash and Monroe when I noticed a milk truck pass me. The sign on the back of the milk truck: “Let me be your milkman.” At the next corner, the milk truck started to make a right turn onto Wabash off of Monroe. Mid turn a Traffic Management person yelled “Stop” at the driver. The truck’s passenger side window was open so the driver heard the command and stopped the truck. Between the truck’s passenger side and the traffic woman stood a steel I-beam supporting the elevated tracks for the Loop EL train. The traffic woman and the truck’s driver talked back and forth through the open window. I approached the corner where they were talking and then I walked past the truck, across Wabash. As I did I heard the truck move forward behind me. I heard the traffic lady yelling stridently and the sound of metal and glass crashing to the ground.

I turned around when I heard the crunching, grating, snapping sound. The truck driver had broken off the passenger side rear view mirror during his right turn. He completely disregarded the traffic woman’s directions. The driver, an African-American man about thirty years old jumped out of the truck to look at the damage. At this point, I reached my building and went in.

Having considered this for even a moment, I see this incident as analogous to the Obama administration: consider the milk truck, the milk man, the words, “Let me be your milk man.”; consider the wreckage, the deafness to common sense direction, the defiance of continuing to drive forward without caring about the consequences. This incident is a metaphor of the progressive folly being imposed on us by the current administration.

In Obama world, the world of the great progressive thinkers, the circumstances would be at fault. The truck driver is a victim. The beam, the existing structure would be to blame for what happened. The I-beam would be considered as unyielding, stubborn, Republican, pre-existing and therefore someone else’s fault. The I-beam would probably be even considered racist in nature for not submitting to such a right turn. Or, the incident could just as easily be considered a class warfare issue: someone in the universe has more money than the person driving the truck. The rich should pay for the mirror.

This is the world we live in today: progressivism is now shown to be a moving forward at all costs despite common wisdom. The past (the rear view mirror) is not to be taken into account. All of this while making sure that someone or something else is to blame for what happens along the way.

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