Obamians vs. the Common man

The Democrat’s/progressive’s answers to any economic/political question:  tax people more and give people a ration (bait-and-switch government);  you need government’s help;  the government has your best interest at heart, you are too stupid to know any better and government has deeper pockets than you, you won’t have a chance without government;  the people’s pie needs to be divvied up;  Fairness is better than justice; equal outcome trumps exceptional achievement;  everyone who is not wealthy is a victim of unfairness; It’s every woman’s right to commit abortion; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can only come when others are forced to share their life, liberty and happiness; having a government-secured future is better than trusting in a God we cannot see; you shouldn’t have to reap what you sow.

 The Republican response to a problem:  let’s make the pie bigger so that we can all share in its increase; government, get off our backs; it is every fetus’ right to be protected;  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes when a person pursues life, liberty and happiness.  charity profits from such pursuits; accountability is mandatory.

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