Get Without the Program

I think a lot of people, especially college kids, recent grads and sixties leftovers voted for Obama in 2008 hoping to download the Cradle to Grave Entitlement App – Push the button, download the App and government does it all:  health care, social security, cheap student loans, amnesty for all, social justice, diversity…:

A Recent Review: 

“This App is fantastic.  We won’t have to think or make choices. We will just be, creating our Good Ideas to save the planet, making things fair and equal. We can do this by spending the currency of veteran’s blood, blood shed giving us freedom we couldn’t handle anyway – its way too scary and  too complex. Instead, we will choose not to choose.  We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. We will then be able to enjoy the safety of our peeps (i.e., the herd)around the campfire.”

 Review #2: 

“With Obama and this Cradle to Grave Mobile App we can return to egalitarian Egypt where everything will be provided for us.  Our lives will be neatly ordered for us. In Egypt we will all be equal and treated the same. No one will be exceptional. No one will stand out. It will finally be fair.”

Review #3: 

“Here’s an APP that will satisfy my parents.  They always want me to go to church.  With this APP  I can be religious just by texting donations to Real Celebrity causes, ASPCA, Al Gore, Planned Parenthood and even George Soros’ Media Matters to fight the evil Fox News.”

Cradle to Grave App cost: Your liberty, your freedom, your income, your choices,  your self.
Availability: Download available November 2012. Text  *OBAMA APP YES WE CAN MASSAH or call 1-800-FOR-1984

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