The First “Oh Well”


Christmas gives me the blues and I don’t mean the Johnny Mathis singing “Blue Christmas” blues.  I mean the whole consumer blitzkrieg-droned carol-endless line-crass sentimentality blues called The Holidays. Blah! Bummerbug! If Santa Claus never makes it to town that’s OK with me.

 Black Friday came and went unnoticed. As will Cyber Monday.  I have what I need and so does every else. That’s my guess but you wouldn’t know it by the mindless occupiers waiting to purchase the newest doll or device that would tell them they are special. And speaking of mindless occupation…

When you have someone like Obama Claus who pushes a food stamp agenda instead of a jobs agenda and trades free cell phones for votes and redistributes taxpayer monies to his crony friends in the green energy business and supplies weapons of mass destruction to Mexican drug lords and completely ignores murderous threats to our own Libyan Embassy and you have something so tangible as the unread but tax-mandated Obamacare what else do you really need?  Perhaps a Big Gulp to choke down your last union-made and destroyed Twinkie?  51 % of voters voted for this Godless Xmess. 

I recently saw a tee-shirt which had the imprint, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  “Merry Christmas kids!” as my very angry mother would yell at us when we had behaved so badly that Christmas was on the verge of being banished from our household forever.

People in Chicago also voted to put Jesse Jackson Jr, back into office! This boggles the mind! Happy Holidays! 51% of you got what you wanted.

Oh, well. I’ll be home for Christmas while I still have private property.

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