Food for Trough


“The ruling class’s appetite for deference, power and perks grows.” From Angelo M. Codevilla’s America’s Ruling Class –And the Perils of Revolution

nancy-pelosiWho are these Ruling Class Orcs?  Who are these aggressive scavengers and opportunistic Kulakovores?  They are Ruling Class America and the minions who do their hunter-gatherer bidding.  They are the Democrats and Republicans who accrue power unto themselves; they are the political parties that refuse to elect a person of principle. They are the un-elected:  the bureaucrats, the administrative state, the regulators, the social engineers, the ones whose careers are dependent on the government.   They are the ones who have no boundaries but will set boundaries for you. They are the ones with secret servers, the ones who call themselves “saviors of the planet” and those in the confident “know”.

sebelius3They are the Progressives, the elitists, the “living Constitutionalists” and those who are a law unto themselves, the “settled science” purveyors, the “green agenda” evangelists, the followers of the Scientism cult, the denigrators of religious convictions as “irrational”, the high priests of secularization, the climate change Inquisitors,  the #SJW, #BlackLivesMatter, the LGBT, the gerrymandering, the feminists, the abortionists, the eminent domain Dishonest Johns, the Democratic Socialists, the diviners of what is best for you, the Barbara Boxers, the union bosses, the public school educators, the “It takes a village” people, those offended by “Merry Christmas”, the ones who come between you and your children, the ones who tell your kids what to eat in school, the establishmentarians, the deniers of viewpoints other than their own, the ones who say “Are you kidding?” when questioned about a Constitutional basis for their enacted laws, those who  deem “this is for your own good”, those of the Unconstrained Vision, the initiators of unintended consequences, the federal workers, the EPA and DE, the Lois Lerners, the Commissar State, the Saurons, the Sarumans…all those bent over and feeding from the government trough.mccarthy




Agitate the masses


What is in said trough? Kulaks. Heaps of Kulaks.

“They called us kulaks because we had a house with a galvanized iron roof and four horses, three cows, and a fine orchard by the house.  The first thing in the orchard was a spreading apricot tree, and there would be heaps of apricots on it every year.”  From Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s short story Apricot Jam


Kulaks? We have property. Some of us have mansions but most have enough to call home.  We marry, have children, raise children, have grandchildren and bury (and not discard) loved ones. We are Pro-life even knowing that life is hard.  We push and prod ourselves and our charges to excel, succeed, to grow out of adolescence into maturity. We pray and prepare. We worship our God and we rejoice with others when a sheep is found. We sweat, blister and toil. We provide and protect. We shoot bows and arrows and guns but not at each other. We take off our hats when we see our nation’s flag in a parade. We tear up when America the Beautiful is sung.  We thank veterans for their service. We appreciate. We have dignity and values that were not handed down to us from government. We base our decisions on right and wrong and not on what our friends let us get away with saying.

Many of us believe that there are God-given laws and precepts that define our responsibilities and our freedoms. We sing “Amazing Grace” not for money or show but because we know sinning first hand and will admit it in a song and on our knees. Many of us are in the Kingdom of God and some of us are in the Fellowship of the Ring seeking to overthrow the world view of this age. We give thanks. Gratitude defines us. Whining is abhorred by us. We help out neighbor. We utterly detest government’s intrusion into our lives. Aspirations and love move us, not government mandates. We kulaks are the country class.


“Describing America’s country class is problematic because it is so heterogeneous. It has no privileged podiums, and speaks with many voices, often inharmonious. It shares above all the desire to be rid of rulers it regards inept and haughty. It defines itself practically in terms of reflexive reaction against the rulers’ defining ideas and proclivities — e.g., ever higher taxes and expanding government, subsidizing political favorites, social engineering, approval of abortion, etc. Many want to restore a way of life largely superseded. Demographically, the country class is the other side of the ruling class’s coin: its most distinguishing characteristics are marriage, children, and religious practice. While the country class, like the ruling class, includes the professionally accomplished and the mediocre, geniuses and dolts, it is different because of its non-orientation to government and its members’ yearning to rule themselves rather than be ruled by others…

Nothing has set the country class apart, defined it, made it conscious of itself, given it whatever coherence it has, so much as the ruling class’s insistence that people other than themselves are intellectually and hence otherwise humanly inferior. Persons who were brought up to believe themselves as worthy as anyone, who manage their own lives to their own satisfaction, naturally resent politicians of both parties who say that the issues of modern life are too complex for any but themselves. Most are insulted by the ruling class’s dismissal of opposition as mere “anger and frustration” — an imputation of stupidity — while others just scoff at the claim that the ruling class’s bureaucratic language demonstrates superior intelligence. A few ask the fundamental question: Since when and by what right does intelligence trump human equality? Moreover, if the politicians are so smart, why have they made life worse?” (emphasis added) From Angelo M. Codevilla’s America’s Ruling Class –And the Perils of Revolution.  Read it and weep, kulaks.

kulak family

“As long as anyone can remember, our family lived in the village of Lebyazhy Usad in Kursk Province. But then they put an end to the way we thought to live. They called us kulaks because we had a house with a galvanized iron roof and four horses, three cows, and a fine orchard by the house.  The first thing in the orchard was a spreading apricot tree, and there would be heaps of apricots on it every year.” …Before they deported us as kulaks, they tried to make us tell them where we had hidden our goods.  Otherwise, they said, we’ll chop down your apricot tree. And they chopped it down.” From Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s short story Apricot Jamkulaks_news



Here’s government overreaching to binge on you.  Chomp, chomp, chomp…

High School Demands End to Off-Campus Christian Lunch Group

Six million perish


22 Responses to Food for Trough

  1. if you find this person absolutely insane go ahead and check out a blog of sane progressives.
    Progressive State of Mind – Fighting The Establishment Since 2016

    • Rising Window says:

      Thank you minions of the arrogant Ruling Party, you of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, for providing anecdotal background to my post. With “Queer” as one of your treasured monikers, good luck with your bastion of “sanity”.

      “[The Ruling Class’s] attitude is key to understanding our bipartisan ruling class. Its first tenet is that “we” are the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained. How did this replace the Founding generation’s paradigm that “all men are created equal”? …
      The ruling class denies its opponents’ legitimacy. Seldom does a Democratic official or member of the ruling class speak on public affairs without reiterating the litany of his class’s claim to authority, contrasting it with opponents who are either uninformed, stupid, racist, shills for business, violent, fundamentalist, or all of the above. They do this in the hope that opponents, hearing no other characterizations of themselves and no authoritative voice discrediting the ruling class, will be dispirited.
      ” from Angelo M. Cordevilla’s America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

      Not in the least dispirited, I invite readers to peruse my posts as well. You’ll find un-queered sanity:

      Bernie Sanders & Nightmare on Envy St.

      A ‘Naturalized’ Woman

      Guess Who Came to Dine on You?
      Guess Who Came to Dine on You? Part Two
      The World, the Flesh and the Disneyland
      Cow Bells Are for Fellow Travelers

      • so I’m guessing unlike us at PSoM you are in support of the discrimination of LGBTQ+ Americans, as that is the only article you’re referencing. Also I’m going to use that, “Minions of the arrogant Ruling Party” in a piece of satire if you don’t mind
        – Dan of PSoM

      • As a side note, thanks for the laugh I was having a bad day

      • Rising Window says:

        Thanks for providing anecdotal background for my post.

      • Rising Window says:

        Discrimination. Let’s see.

        “Pride and Prejudice? Why is it OK for a person to have the conviction that they are homosexual or that they are another gender? (There is no such rationale for such belief drawn from nature and science or even from the atheist’s social Darwinism? (Psychiatry and Psychology are NOT scientific fields.) When…
        “It is not OK for a Christian to hold the conviction that such LGBT convictions are irrational, not natural, not supported in evolution and hard science and, most importantly, do not conform to what has been known about God eons before the Long March of Cultural Marxism ever began?
        Justice is no longer blind. Now, under the purview of justice, a protected class of people has been created out of a tiny minority’s convictions about its sexuality. Their convictions are now given a legal weight that morality would never counter balance in the scales of justice. Your religious convictions have been waylaid to clear the way for the Pride Parade.
        Equal protection under the law? Why are there “anti-discrimination” laws to protect LGBT convictions acted out and not religious freedom laws to protect Christian convictions acted out? I dare someone to answer that question. And please don’t tell me that the Ruling Class social engineers said so. Please don’t tell me it is a “right” for LGBT’ers to discriminate against religious convictions and not against their own convictions.” The World, the Flesh and the Disneyland
        The World, the Flesh and the Disneyland

      • don’t try to argue with me about science, you don’t believe in climate change and you think life begins at conception. facts are that THERE ARE CASES OF HOMOSEXUALITY IN NATURE, and to say just because there is “No rationale to why one should be homosexual” (a statement I disagree with) doesn’t mean they should be treated as any less than human. In my opinion there is no logical rationale as to why someone would be a republican, and yet I would never refuse service to someone based on a disagreement.
        -Dan of PSoM

      • Rising Window says:

        “don’t try to argue with me about science, you don’t believe in climate change and you think life begins at conception”

        Thank you for exposing yourself. No I won’t think of talking to you about science. The Ruling Class and its minions front science as their reason god but they have no knowledge of science. And, since your religious “belief” in climate change (and about conception) is based on scientism and its political capital, I won’t go there , now.

        But, you can peruse these pages to enlighten yourself.
        MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Believers a ‘Cult’
        Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed

        So, nature’s Creator-God is dismissed so that you can live out your convictions? I understand.

        So, you would “never refuse service to someone based on a disagreement”? But you would sue someone because they had a disagreement and refused you service? I see.

      • yes. because you shouldn’t be allowed to deny service to someone based on personal beliefs, especially bigoted ones.

      • It’s the same concept as denying a black person service because it is your belief that God made you better than them. Which is why in my article I compare it to Jim Crow, but maybe you think we should bring those laws back. In fact I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you were considering you believe that science is a cult.

      • Rising Window says:

        “yes. because you shouldn’t be allowed to deny service to someone based on personal beliefs, especially bigoted ones.” Jim Crow.

        The LGBT are not “bigoted ones” in their homosexual convictions, are they? Oh, no. They are inclusive!

        “It’s the same concept as denying a black person service because it is your belief that God made you better than them.”

        You presume and project a lot. See a non-reinforcing-LGBT therapist.

        A Christian can say “No.” In this perverse culture that means paying up or going to jail for their beliefs, or as otherwise known in the LGBT community – being a martyr.

        Do the blacks know that you are appropriating them?

        LGBT litigants seek to punish those they sue by taking away personal property. LGBT litigants seek to punish Christians for their convictions while promoting their own convictions. Do you see the injustice in that?

        And you haven’t responded to anything I have said. You are just posting the LGBT narrative.

      • What are you even trying to get across? the you was a hypothetical, it could be anyone! So I wasn’t projecting at all, in fact by being offended you were projecting. Why did you quote me and then say Jim Crow, What does that mean? all you do is rant about the ruling class in large paragraphs, and rave about how everyone is trying to get the poor straight christian people. And then you have the nerve to recommend I see mental help. Because I experience sexual attraction and gender expression in a different way then you I must see someone for mental help? Is that the point you are making? And by the way making a correlation to the civil rights movement in the sixties, and to the black community is in no ways appropriating them. I have so much respect for black liberty movements then, and now unlike you (I am referring to the #blacklivesmatter movement that you see as a part of the “Ruling Class”). I can’t respond to everything you say because you are in fact a nut job, you should stick to watching Alex Jones and crying in the closet because the big bag socialists are going to take your guns away. Have fun in the closet by the way maybe then you will know how the millions of LGBT people feel, I have no issues with christianity. none at all. I have issues with they bigotry that has consumed that religion, maybe when gay people won’t provide you a service because you are a christian I will be sympathetic, but that won’t happen because LGBTQ+ people don’t want to ruin your religion, they just want to be treated like everyone else on this planet.

      • Rising Window says:


      • Rising Window says:

        Regarding the comment …
        “Have fun in the closet by the way maybe then you will know how the millions of LGBT people feel,”

        Does it look like I am “in the closet”? And, you must mean how the hundreds of LGBT people feel.

        You want me to empathize with your “plight”. Didn’t the LGBT crowd choose to act as “Queer” and to keep acting as “Queer” and to find a support network to promote “Queerness”? Didn’t the LGBT crowd lobby to remove homosexuality as a diagnosed neurosis from the DSM? Stick with support network and see how that goes. Narcissism is only in it for the mirror perks.

        The mental health of homosexuals:

        Regarding the Caps Lock comment …

        Comparing your activities to those of animals is apropos. But, animals procreate. And, unlike animals you were born with a human consciousness, a human consciousness that can be twisted so as to be offended by anyone questioning the practices of the LGBTQ+RSTUVWXYZ-C (Christian).

        The animal homosexuality myth:

      • Your obscure biased sources convince me of nothing, have a nice day wallowing in your own lonely life as a person who searches the web for evidence of a national conspiracy that everyone is out to get white christians.

      • Rising Window says:

        Obscurity happens, especially when a person spends their time looking in the mirror and at nothing else.

        And, no, I am not a member of the victim class.

        Thanks for commenting and for providing anecdotal background for my post. Be careful out there.

      • Hey I know this got heated at times, maybe only on my side, but when single payer healthcare is enacted you will get benefits too. 🙂

      • Rising Window says:

        Sorry, but I do not want anything from government, especially what they deem as “single-payer health care”. And, I certainly do not want European-style socialized “health care”.

        Europe is quickly going bankrupt under socialism. Europe is already morally and spiritually bankrupt. I do not want that to happen here. And the sad reality of what is being offered by socialists is not “health care” but coverage. Your health doesn’t matter to the Ruling Class.

        The Gov’t. (the Ruling Class) should the heck out of our lives. I don’t want it’s “benefits”.

        Food for thought:

        Social Leveling: Socialism and Secularism

      • maim I am tired of debating you on this thread, if you visit my website you can find contact information where you can email me your complaints.

  2. jmsabbagh says:

    The elite who know nothing about peoples sufferings and poverty.

  3. The ruling class is both Democrat and Republican and stems from personal misconduct, gross neglect, and habitual disregard of public interests by our elected officials. It’s discourging to see how quickly our nation of laws is degenerating into a nation of men. The President, with the outward support of the Democrat party, rules by executive fiat through proclamations, memorandums and executive orders while the Republican party relinquishes their power in taking no actions to stop him. Even with control of Congress, the Republican establishment has shown no willingness to actually “check” the President.

    Here’s my piece on this, the America we once knew is collapsing

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