James Knows Better

James McAfee and Obamacare on Neil Cavuto’s show:

James McAfee of McAfee Software (software security) and his thoughts about the Obamacare exchange system:

Personally, I would rather pay the Obamacare fine than to go to one of these Obamacare exchanges and give up my complete privacy over to the government or to hackers.

You would have to be insane to sign up!

Maybe now you will understand why Tea Party members/Libertarians in Congress stand against Obamacare and big government.  It is way out of control. 

Do you really want government to manage your health care needs when the government has shown you that it cannot even manage itself?

Are you really so scared of life and death that you must depend on government to bail you out?  What happened to REAL Americans?

Tell your representatives today to defund/delay/destroy Obamacare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012): Patriot, Husband, Father

Andrew quit the Left (Democrats in general) during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Nominee Hearings.  He has been a staunch conservative ever since.

This video is Andrew responding to an angry mob outside an event he spoke at. The video shows Andrew at his very best – courageous in the face of the Left’s fallacious, misdirected and channeled (bought and paid for) angst.

The Obama Nation Rap by Rapper CommonWeal

Chaos is spelled O-B-A-M-A-nation,
This man markets himself as our only salvation,
Yet, our Divine Demagogue with deficits galore
Messes with our future and pimps us as whores.

Obama the Inflater sends prices sky- rocketing
While Obama the insurance man, your money he’s pocketing
“We can win the future if buy you my party’s ticket
You will have peace of mind, the future can go stick it.”

Jennings and Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Van Jones,
You wouldn’t let these kind of people into your homes.
Yet, the leader of the Chaos Cartel let’s ’em come ’round,
He will even let George Soros buy the next round.

Illegal immigrants and narco-terrorists daily cross the line
While Obama the Teleprompter plays Joker just fine:
“Moats and alligators, what else do these Americans need?”
“Chaos and insecurity, total dependence is my creed.”

Two-Faced Obama speaks from both sides of a lie
He wants us to think progressivism hasn’t died:
“Shame on corporations for making so much.”
“Now, come on GE, let’s go have some tax-free lunch.”

Nine percent unemployment means that millions have been sacked
Yet Our Most Benevolent Obama is hoping to be backed
So campaigning is the first priority of this President:
“Let them eat cake and food stamps if they’re a resident.”

Obama, Slick-Attorney, appointed AG Holder-over
A man obsessed with racism from Panther to Panther.
The Constitution is living and also dead in my time.
The Federal courts can’t even rule mandatory health care is a crime.

Michelle, the Obamaness, brought ‘art’ to our nation’s crib,
A rapper named Common his filthy message glib:
“Don’t trust the Man, be chaos if you can.”
“BTW: Poetry is a piece that you hold in your hand.”

Obama and chaos are one and the same,
Obama and uncertainty look for someone to blame
But the mirror of Truth doesn’t hold a narcissist’s gaze,
It only sheds light on the instant gratification craze.

Obama, Chaos,
Obama, the Neil Patrick Harris of poli-schtick,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, the Blamer,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, racism,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, division,
Obama, chaos,
Obama, class warfare,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, the Mocker,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, the Insipid,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, the Intransigent,
Obama, Chaos,
Obama, Hubris,
Obama, Chaos…

(music fades, the economy fails and the American spirit dies on the vine.)

This is my art.

by Rapper CommonWeal aka Sally Paradise
© Sally Paradise, 2011, All Rights Reserved

The Bard and a Blustery Blowhole

It is Saturday afternoon and I am listening to Wynton Marsalis playing Stadust on his horn. I am drinking Sofie, a tart Belgian Style Ale from Goose Island and I am reading the current (May 2011) Vanity Fair. I am suddenly struck by an off-handed pejorative comment in a VF article (again).

The current Vanity Fair magazine issue contains a column by contributing editor John Heilpern. The “Out To Lunch” one page piece is titled Avon Calling. This sounds interesting. But, wait.

The article relates Heilpern’s recent interview of Professor Harold Bloom at Bloom’s home in New Haven. Bloom, a professor of humanities at Yale for the past 55 years, is a well-known Shakespeare scholar. He has studied and read Shakespeare’s work in great depth. His latest book, number 39 in a series of scholarly works is titled The Anatomy of Influence: Literature as a Way of Life. (I am currently reading Bloom’s book Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human.)

In the interview Bloom’s talks about his respect for Shakespeare:

“If Shakespeare is not God, he told Heilpern, “I don’t know what God is.” And, regarding Shakespeare’s biographers, “Let me quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, best mind to come out of America: ‘Shakespeare is the only biographer of Shakespeare.’ In other words, don’t look for the man in the work; look for the work in the man. And stop speculating about his life.”

Further in the interview, Bloom: “All high concept Shakespeare directors should be shot a dawn,” Later, Heilpern mentions Al Pacino’s and F. Murray Abraham’s New York performances of Shylock (The Merchant of Venice) saying that Abraham is the greatest Shylock he’d ever seen. (Recently, March, Abraham was Shylock at the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago.)

The interview brushes on the topic of Falstaff. Bloom: “Sir John Falstaff…even more than Hamlet – and that’s saying something – he’s the most intelligent person in all of literature. He has the best mind, the best wit, the most beautiful laughing language. As my late friend the marvelous critic George Wilson Knight said about Hamlet, he’s the embassy of death. But Falstaff is life! Falstaff is blessing.”

Prince Hal and Falstaff’s banishment are mentioned and then Bloom says, “Falstaff sees through the all-powerful. ““He sees through everything. He’s the best possible guide to the state of the world today. Can you think of anyone more antithetical to the Fascism of the Tea Party than Sir John Falstaff?”

What?! Why the sniping Tea Party comment? Wait. I think I know why the old fart and gassy pontificator Bloom, learned disciple of Falstaff and urbane liberal, looks down upon the Tea Party from his ivory tower:
“He’s a drunk, a liar, and a cheat. Yet he’s been glowingly described as “the personification of England”. He’ll do anything with a debt but honour it, and makes light of accepting bribes from fit men and leading a troop of 150 decrepit soldiers to their deaths. Yet he’s also taken, at his own admiring estimate, as a great booster-jab of infectious liveliness: “I am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men.” He has a spectacular obesity problem and he’s referred to – with epic freedom from euphemism – as “that swoll’n parcel of dropsies”, “that stuff’d cloak-bag of guts”, “this bed-presser, this horse-back-breaker, this hill of flesh” – a man who secretes sweat in such quantities that he “lards the lean earth as he walks along”. Yet his most prominent characteristic, according to many commentators, is his “jubilant brain”. Meet, if you will, Sir John Falstaff.”

O, the humanity!

The above quote from this web page.