All Bets Are Off

Barack Obama is “Betting On America.”  That’s right.  Like most Democrats (Illinois Democrats are a prime example) BHO has made America his favorite slot machine.  The gambling analogy is very apropos. He wants to gamble away our earnings, our future.

People,  just keep giving BHO your money (or other people’s money) and he will keep pulling the lever for you until something good comes out. Expectations are big. Hope and Change are full tilt. This is Progress for Democrats: spend more, tax more, build more casinos.

But what comes out when the lever is pulled?  Excuses. Joblessness. Cronyism.

 Have you heard of the person who keeps doing the same thing while hoping for a different result? Insanity accounts for the actions of BHO the politician. Insanity also accounts for the votes of those people who continue to elect Democrats:  “We keep hoping something good will come out of this – that we will win big in this Grand Casino of life.” “If only we could win without putting any of our money in.  That would be all the better.”

 Has our good money been thrown into the government slot machine?  It wasn’t your money to lose?  Oh well, there’s more where that came from right?  Heard at the buffet table:  “The 1% need to do their fair share so we can keep playing the slots.”

 Your vote matters. 2012:  Vote insanity and excuses out and reality in, if not for yourself then at least for your children and grandchildren. Don’t gamble with our future.

When you wish upon Obama…

On higher plane:

The “Green” Brick Road

BHO is so forward thinking (and narcissistic) that he chases his own tail right to his own straw man conclusion.

 Below is a March 15th, 2012 You-Tube video showing BHO in true form:  a professional politician pompously using straw man arguments to make a supposedly erudite point about his political agenda while poking fun at Republican candidates.

 BHO portrays himself as the elite “green” technocrat.  He postures himself as someone who can lead us boldly where no man has gone before – down the path of green energy to freedom from our slavery to fossil fuels. BHO wants you to follow the “green” brick road but this path leads directly to him, the Wizard behind the White House curtains. Don’t go there. You won’t get what you are looking for – you already have it.

 Who is BHO talking about when he says “folks running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed.  They’ve been talking down new sources of energy.”?  Certainly he is not referring to any of the Republican candidates.  None of them have said any such thing (see Gingrich video below). But of course BHO already knows that you only listen to BHO and his shills via the main stream media.

 The Republican candidates have, in fact, denounced throwing good money (our tax-payer money) after bad to promote “green energy projects and companies who will in turn promote a BHO “green energy” presidency.  These companies include most notably the bankrupt Solyndra.

 And why is BHO talking about green energy and not about jobs?  Because he knows that environmentalists and progressives will fill his campaign coffers and  BHO doesn’t want to you think about his job’s record. He doesn’t want to go there.  He’d rather chide Republicans for not being “green” minded like he is. The greenest part of BHO, though, is his envy of other’s power.

 Wind power? Solar energy?  Bio-fuels?  Algae?  Why not talk about nuclear power, the most effective source of clean power we can generate? Instead, what we have now is a Jane Fonda-esque president!

 I work in the Power Industry.  Because of my confidentiality agreement with the company I work for I am forbidden to talk about my work in detail.  Suffice it to say, though, that wind power and solar power are miniscule generators of power and are mostly irrelevant to power generation. Nuclear power, on the other hand, is a tremendous generator of energy. And, fossil fuels, abundant in our own country, have been cleaned up.  They can be transported safely and efficiently throughout our country.  Fossil fuels will also provide many thousand of jobs and secure our nation.  But, BHO will not go there.

 BHO wants the “green” ticket to ride to the 2012 presidency. He doesn’t care that it will cost the taxpayer his own “green” money (e.g.,  Solyndra) to get him there.

 BHO chides the Republicans when he says that unlike them he and the American people have “faith in the future”. Well, there certainly is enough dried bull shit in this line to fuel all the stoves of the former Russian gulags.

 BHO goes on to make Rutherford B. Hayes a straw man.  BHO lies, he cajoles, he plies you with his “green” is good BS. In the end, though, the only green wind power you’ll ever get out of a BHO presidency is what comes out of both ends of BHO.

Green Conservatism: