The Fog of Controversy Has Lifted Leaving Us With…

   …Obamacare in the light of day:  “…the bill is substantially more expensive – twice as much as the original $900 billion price tag.” (emphasis mine)

Move over Greece, Portugal and Europe.  The US will join you soon with its own version of bankruptcy, a bankruptcy due to the ill-advised actions of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party.

What good is democracy when you use it to f— yourself and others!

Democrats like to think of themselves as touchy-feely people who care about things (“things” being the operative word).  The “things” they care about are rights, animals, abortion (a fetus is a “thing” to them), licentiousness and the environment.  They are so focused on how their world is affected by these “things” that the never look beyond their own stage one thinking to see the consequences of their voting actions.  They shoot themselves and others in the foot when they elect politicians who pass bills which do so much more harm than good.

A vote for Obama and the Democrats in the 2012 elections will keep the continuum of STUPID in place.


That was the bad news.  Here is the worse news, as reported by the CBO (emphasis mine): 

Obama’s budget would increase the size of the national debt held by the public from $10.1 trillion today to $18.8 trillion in 2022, according to CBO. “

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