The Mal-lady of Progressivism: Elizabeth Warren

Here’s Progressive Elizabeth Warren on the debt crisis and fair taxation. To support her Massachusetts Senate Campaign,


We the people (47% % of us who don’t pay any taxes) made you wealthy. We the people (47% of us who don’t pay any taxes) made you safe and secure. We the people (47% of us who don’t pay any taxes) are the roads to your success.”

Feel good now? How about a social contract that makes everyone an investor in America?

Progressives like Elizabeth like to shame people into a response to her ‘humane’ cause. Don’t be shamed. Give to others out of a heart of love. Leave others to do the same.

If Elizabeth and her progressives buddies want to help others there are many ways to do so other than conscripting another’s personal property for their own ends.

It should be noted:  Many people left socialist and communist eastern European countries (and Cuba) and came to America to be free from the tyranny of economic despotism created under the banner of “the common good”. Modern day examples of “common good” socialist systems beginning to fold:   Greece, Spain & Portugal.  “Don’t do these things!”

It also should be noted:  Any country which increasingly embraces secularism will become progressive in its politic. A social-economic-moral vacuum is created thereby.

My vote: Sowell Man

Definition of a Progressive

The definition of a progressive is one who is so interested in the future that he disregards history. He then repeats it.