Obama’s First Christmas Album

If you are looking to recreate the slobbering sentiments of 2008 here’s a Christmas album just for you!

 You’ll enjoy this timeless hit:  Obama, All ye fateful


I’ll be Oprah for Christmas

I Saw Barney Frank Kissing Santa Claus

The Twelve Days of Van Jones

Frosty, the Telepromper

Oh, Little Town of Barack-ahem

The First “Oh, Well”

Grandma Got Run Over by Obamacare

…and many many more…

Here’s a sample track:


Obama, All ye Fateful


Obama, All ye Fateful

Progressive and most Special

Obama, Obama, ye from Kenya to DC.

Come and behold him,

Born the King of Presidents;

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama the More.


Highest, most Mostly,

Light of light infernal,

Born of a woman,

A mortal he comes?

Son of a Soros

Now in the press appearing!

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama the More.


O Sing, choirs of mainstream media

Sing in exultation,

Sing all ye illegal citizens crossing our border!

Glory to Obama

Especially if you remove ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell;

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama the More.


Yea, Obama we voted for thee,

One born to organize communities:

Obama, to thee all our money be given!

Word of his lips

Now gives our leg a chill;

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama, let us adore you,

Obama the More



The Ebony Calf


Bye, Bye My American Pie

Our President BO spends much of his time golfing, bobbing in and out of church and backyards for photo ops and in dividing up the American Pie into finer slices. Instead of making a bigger Pie with business incentives, tax breaks and laissez-faire government, BO wants to make sure that our current pie is filled with plenty of our tax money and that the pie is sliced evenly. (Of course, he hands more slices to labor unions and to his own self-preserving interests.) In fact, BO defines his appeal (his bribery) to the American people with his ‘hands-on’ ‘pie-slicing’ type of administration.

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner
Eating his Christmas pie,
He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum
And said “What a good boy am I!”

BO wants to serve us his version of my American Pie. But, I’m not buying it and I’m not eating it- not after his hands have been in it.

White House, Black Thoughts

It’s time for some house cleaning! It’s time for them to get the hell out!

Addicted to Love

With the economy doing a head and shoulders march toward another recession, our President Obama is busy at work laying tracks for his progressive soul train and bypassing the dire economic issues at hand.  What economy?  Obama has global warming, cap and trade, education reform and a host of other subordinate issues in his docket to dabble in first.  Now, his AG Eric Holder is filing suit against Arizona’s immigration law.  Stupid move and what’s this? Obama finally joined in the battle against the gulf oil spill after James Carville read him the riot act.  Initially, Obama didn’t want the help of other nations to fix the spill.  I guess he’s too big to fail. 

On the record, Obama spent his first year in office on a national health care bill and on blaming Bush. We now have a national health care that our country can not pay for and that most Americans do not want and Bush looks better than ever.   On his recent prosperity tour, Obama and his slick cohort Joe Biden proclaimed how great things are and will be in America.  His “big picture” is to campaign jobs into creation by the sheer force of his community organizer will and yet, no improvements still in the economy or in the hopes of the American people. 

Obama recently let us know that some people make enough money and so he means to take the ‘excess’ from them.  This concept of taking someone’s property is stealing to God (see Commandment #8) but is re-labeled as “redistribution of wealth” by the god-man, Obama. And, he continues to verbally hammer away on big business even though big business, any business for that matter, is the cornerstone of our economy. Obama is the “fat cat” of fairness with Biblical disproportions

We have a president who inspires no confidence whatsoever.  He’s definitely not the likes of Martin Luther King or Ghandi or even a Jimmy Carter.  Jimmy Carter did not inspire confidence either, but he didn’t erode the national confidence as Obama has done and Obama’s reign of financial terror is not over. His big government Keynesian style economy is certainly more of a tyranny than any big corporation could ever become – you have to pay taxes. Economic slavery is only a jot and tittle away from becoming law.

Obama is more like a misunderstood child (Carter-like) who needs to constantly crusade in order to bolster his rolled up shirt sleeve poster boy image.  He wants to be admired and loved. He hopes there is an Oprah in all of us to coddle him.  He also believes that his image, a Harvard law grad from humble beginnings, will inspire the people to follow him. To be sure, there are lemmings still in tow. I don’t buy it and you and I can’t take it to the bank, either.  With all his highly polished learning, he only knows how to get around laws. He is incompetent as a leader.  And, he has become indecisive to a fault on crucial national issues while being dogmatically decisive on his own ideological issues, thereby creating havoc. Maybe he thinks that if he waits long enough the problem will go away. Or, another campaign is in order.  Woodrow Wilson, move over.

Obama spends a lot to time playing catch-up because he’s spends most of time tweaking his constant mutual admiration society address in front of his favorite tele-prompters:  Axelrod and Emmanuel.  He is a tireless campaigner for himself.  He wants to feel the love on the campaign trail that he doesn’t feel in the polls.  He doesn’t seem to see anything beyond those two screens or himself.  Behind the screens of this Manchurian Candidate there is a defiant scrapper (Black Panther-esque) who hones in on a certain issue of interest to himself (maybe basketball or his next golf game) and ignores everything else. He doesn’t get it. And, the American people are getting nothing but frustrated and hungry. Another great depression is headed our way if Obama remains in office.  You might as well face it – this President is addicted to love.