Have you ever been in a relationship with a controlling person?  If you have you will better understand what I am writing about below.

 A controlling person is often a perfectionist.  For whatever unsettling condition/s that occurred in their young lives their need for perfectionism is absolute.  These people must have everything perfectly in order and under control.  And, in doing so, these people will find fault with everything. It doesn’t matter how good things are.  They will find fault with it. Their common reproach:  This is good, and yet…”  

You have just broached the liberal/progressive mindset and the maniacal motivations behind Hope and Change and MSNBC’s Lean Forward campaign


Control is the modus operandi of the Democratic Party.  This party seeks to control the conversation, to control your words with its ersatz religion of political correctness, to control the amount of your take-home pay, to control the social milieu, to control your food intake, to control the air, the water, the earth, control the science of air, water and earth, to control energy, to control finances, to control the pretense of international involvement via undeclared military action, to control education through teachers unions and text-books, to control jobs through unions, to control guns – to control your life ad infinitum.  The Dems have myriads of tyrannies of control governed by their politicians in charge of their ‘kingdoms’.  These Dems inherently seek more power to control and more time in office doing more of the same – controlling you at your expense. And, they keep Black-Americans in ‘their’ place with social welfare programs.

Let’s look at some of this tightening of the noose around our necks:

Control the conversation:  Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller are just two examples of those who would constrain the first amendment to only leftist thinkers. Remember Stalin and the Gulags? Remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn being imprisoned for his writing against the government? Students today only read the myopic screed The People’s History of the United States written by the communist Howard Zinn.  These students have no idea about real world and American history. Student neo-socialists will seek to repeat Stalin’s Russia, I have no doubt.

Control the social milieu:  homosexuality, the donkey’s behind of the Democratic Party symbol, demands that the homosexual life-style addiction be accepted and endorsed by everyone at every level, much like pot-heads who want pot legalized.  Homosexuality demands that our children be taught about this lifestyle.  It demands that our children’s text books be filled with homosexual lore and history. And, if you don’t agree with homosexuality it will shout out “Homophobe!” Americans have every reason to fear the degeneration of America because of homosexuality.

Control your food intake:  Think Michelle Obama; think Democratic thin lizzies wanting to stop McDonalds and other fast food restaurants from serving their product to you. They want to control your weight.

Control your take home pay:  Democrats want to tax, tax, tax, build a casino to lure your money away, tax, tax, build a casino, tax…

Control energy:  Cap and Trade (says it all)

Control your job through unions:  union leaders want to have command of your job.  Once someone joins a union they want you to donate, donate and donate to their ’cause’. They will then skim money from your collected donations.  Union bosses are greedier than the corporate industry they rail against. And, they know that you are eager to give over your rights to them in exchange for the pretense of collective bargaining. They play on people’s laziness, people’s lack of motivation and people’s lack of self-determination. They tell you that they have the leverage that you don’t have.  This is a lie, of course. You can work wherever you want whenever you want if your are determined to do so or you can create your own company/job. You are free but unions are control mongers.

Control finances: the Dodd-Frank Act equals control, control, control, blame, control, blame and control; the irony: co-author Barney Frank is the very one who brought upon us the financial crisis of 2008 with his oversight Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’ little or no money down mortgages for low-income people.

Control the pretense of international involvement via military action:  It is a well-known fact that presidents who have not had military experience go easily into war. And, when they go to war they strictly limit and control the military action which in turn never yields a resolution or a decision of surrender. Instead of decisive military action there is only the ‘controlled’ back and forth of military hokey-pokey wasting lives, money and time.

 Extreme control and droll sameness are necessary to create a manufactured utopia. Everyone has to be on the same page for the utopia to work. The elitist left, Progressive Democrats, think that they know what is best for you.  Their ivory tower professors lecture naive and un-historied students spewing out their idealist nonsense in hopes of producing more useful idiots for their cache of followers.  These same professors have no real life experience.  They are afraid to go out into the real world. (Except, of course,  for William Ayers, the domestic terrorist.  He has actual experience in domestic terror.)

  “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business,” President Calvin Coolidge told journalists in March 1929.

Mad Hominem

Barack Hussein Obama or Mr. Strawman Wizard, the shaman of progressive bushwa, wants tax increases to fight the deficit. He says he wants to sacrifice sacred cows.

In fact, Mr. Strawman Wizard says that he doesn’t want our kids to be sacrificed.  He wants the owners of corporate jets to be sacrificed. He wants to do this for the gods of social justice – the class warfare gods. They are not happy campers on Mount Olympus (see the riots in Greece for more information). 

Wow! I wonder if  Michele will have to cancel her next trip out of the country?  (What’s that?  A four on the hole, Mr. Obama?)

(“Gee, Mr Wizard, you could use your one billion dollar campaign fund to help pay off the deficit.” “Peabody, we have millionaires for that.”)

If you don’t know by now, Obama’s demand of the Republicans is the standard, out of the box solution for a Democrat: Raise Taxes (and building casinos). But can you believe it? This is what this most intelligent (we are told) man wants to do:  Raise taxes. This Chicago Whiz Kid Pol has no other plan!

Once again we see the continued attempt to shakedown (called redistribution of wealth by progressives & socialists) the American People through the tax system.

You undoubtedly know that we are in a recession and we have inflation:  gas prices are up, food prices are up and the housing market is in the dumpster.  When was the last time you had a decent pay increase?

Moronic squeeze:  inflation and a tax increase w/malaise to go before I sleep.

 It is way past time to tar, feather and run this witch doctor out on a rail (or, at least put him in the Way Back machine where he can’t sacrifice anybody.)


Milton Friedman:

 “I am favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible. “

“Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation. “

“The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. “

First Lady Swap

From ABC.com: “Families are swapping wives right now for a whole new season of Wife Swap on ABC.”

Here is a wife swap I’d like to see: Michelle Obama with Sarah Palin!

White House, Black Thoughts

It’s time for some house cleaning! It’s time for them to get the hell out!