It’s Time to Cut the Crap

Get your shovels ready. 

Until we get a president in the White House and while BO is out playing with himself and passing the buck here is what I think should happen to kick-start the economy and downsize the national debt:

 1.  Stop government funding of public TV and radio immediately. I am not renouncing TV or radio.  Instead, I am saying that these communication vehicles can be funded via commercials or donations from viewers/listeners who want what they put out.

 2.  Stop government funding of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities immediately. I am an ardent fan of all the arts (except ballet, “Twinkles Down” *on that).  Art, in all its forms, should be subsidized by those who want it.  e.g., I support my local artists by buying their original art work.

 3.  Abolish all public education within the next five years.  All schools should be privately owned and operated. Remove the NEA teacher’s unions from the classroom. The government can provide vouchers for the very poor. Aspirations are what people need to go forward and not the never-ending government hand outs.

 4.  Abolish all minimum wage laws and all other unfunded mandates immediately so people can go back to work.

 5.  Put a five-year moratorium on all EPA regulations. Then, dispose of the EPA altogether in the sixth year.

 6.  Create a personal income flat tax of across the board on two income levels. Below a yearly income of $40,000.00 (this is an arbitrary number up for discussion) the flat tax rate would be 5% (e.g., $2000.00 for a $40,000. income).  For incomes of $40, 000.00 and above the tax rate is 15% (e.g., $6000.00 for a $40000.00 income).

Simplify the tax code to one or two sentences:  “You shall pay 15 % of your income for the year XXXX” if you made $40,000.00 or more in that year.

 State Sales taxes would be tied to the previous year’s income tax paid as one-ten thousandth of what you paid in income taxes the previous year. (e.g., you made $40,000 last year.  You paid $6000.00 in taxes. You next year’s sales tax on any item is $0.60.) A card would be mailed by the government to show what your maximum sales tax would be on any item. (This amount is given that the state should no longer fund education or social programs).

 (BTW:  These are just some ideas about taxation. The tax code must be simplified.  How many tax bureaucrats does the taxpayer pay for by using the current tax code nightmare? We have to think outside the box.)

 7. Cut corporate taxes in half for three years and then abolish all corporation taxes. Corporations provide jobs and benefits for people.

 8.  Abolish all tariffs

 9.  Immediately repeal the onerous Obamacare and Dodd-Frank Acts and all over-reaching Federal and State regulations so that the economic engine of America can fire properly. Currently, Obamacare is an unfunded mandate.

 10.  Give each Congressman a six-year term and one term only.  Doing this will make the Congressman concentrate on his job and not on creating populist programs that will win him re-election while costing the taxpayer mega-dollars. Term limits would also be devastating to any lobbyist trying to buy the Congressman’s power via re-election campaign monies.

(BTW:  The only expertise that long-term Congressmen and Congresswomen receive is how to craft a re-election. Let’s not give power-hungry people more power.)

 11.  Did it say it already?  Abolish the EPA.

 12.  Privatize the mail delivery system.

 13.  End social security in five years for those under fifty.  Those people can use IRAs or 401k plans instead (These people will make more money and more secure retirement money with these financial vehicles).

 14.  Limit the use of FEMA to national security emergencies such as 9/11. People living in hazardous locations can buy flood insurance, hurricane insurance, etc or they can move to a safer location.

15. Illinois house cleaning:  remove Pat Quinn (D-governor), Dick Durbin (D-senator, his wife is a lobbyist for Government Affairs Specialists, Inc.,in Springfield!), Mike Madigan (D-speaker of the house) and Rahm Emmanuel (D-Chicago mayor) from office ASAP.Illinois has the worst credit rating in the union thanks to the tax and spend Democrats. (And, the most felonious governors)

 16. Drill our own natural resources for natural gas and oil.

17.  Leave Afghanistan immediately and rebuild our own national fence.

18.  Never send another dollar to Pakistan or to the UN, for that matter.

19.  Get government out of the housing market.  Tear down those Fannie and Freddie walls. (and, remove Democrat Senators Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi  from office)

20.  Tie government spending to 1.1 % of GDP or better, pass a balanced budget amendment.

 21.  Eliminate all Social/Economic Tinkering:  all of the laws passed (using Stage One thinking*) in order to help Americans (e.g., Dick Durbin’s debit card price controls & the $5 BofA debit card charge) do not operate in isolation. These laws, in the aggregate, affect us negatively and hurt Americans more than they help. You will have to pay more for the use of your debit card in other ways. What goes around comes around, ipso facto.

 (* as Thomas Sowell, economist, defines thinking that does look at all of the possible ramifications of a proposed law.  Laws do not operate in a vacuum.  I highly recommend his latest book, The Thomas Sowell Reader, copyright 2011.)

 22.  We need free trade agreements passed now.

23.  Breakup the monopoly of the US government and Federal Reserve Bank. Better, get rid of most of government and shut down the Federal Reserve Bank.

24.  Because lobbyists are voters with lots of campaign money attached and because we have a representative government we must make congress accountable to the people and not solely to lobbyists and special interests. I propose a full disclosure statement be written and posted online every time a representative interacts with a lobbyist. This statement would disclose the date and time of contact, the means of contact, the purpose of contact, the information exchanged and our representative’s disposition to said matter. This statement must be signed by both parties and posted online.  This disclosure statement must be done every time – pre, post and during office, night and day, during working hours and during their free time.  To not disclose interaction with a lobbyist (I will need legal language here to define lobbyists and special interests.) whether via phone, email, texting, in person or via a third-party would be considered a felony and would be punishable by a minimum of 30 years in prison. This law would affect aides and family, as well.

 25.  Elect Presidents with business savvy, leadership and management experience –  “Twinkles Up”.  Do not elect “buff” spoiled brats who spend most of their time looking in the mirror, blaming Bush and playing golf. That would be “Twinkles Down”.**

(**For everyone who is working and NOT a OWS protestor, “Twinkles Down” means “bad” in protestor speak.)

2 Responses to It’s Time to Cut the Crap

  1. I had a quick wonder around your blog. I hope you don’t mind me for using yourself as a metaphor (I couldn’t resist as it works quite well I think).

    As a TG woman, would you agree that you had to take some quite drastic steps in order to ‘leave an unworkable paradigm’ because ultimately you knew that there were no solutions, no tweaks, no measures, no steps, no resolutions, no workarounds of any real value available to you as long as you remained locked within that paradigm?

    And would you agree that we *all* have a tendency (especially when encouraged by the rest of society) to try to endlessly tweak and fudge along and ‘hope’ things will work out while we endlessly bang against the brick walls of unworkable situations, rather than face reality and take whatever drastic measures are needed (be it changing one’s career, husband, diet, body, attitudes, lifestyle etc)?

    I’ve become quite fascinated with applying this kind of attitude to politics (a subject that always used to leave me cold TBH). It’s amazing what happens when you no longer support the established left-right political paradigm!

    You have made 23 very rational suggestions. But what if this current political paradigm is so flawed and at such a fundamental level that no amount of tweaking, dressing it up, wishful thinking and ‘hope’ for ‘change’ can (or indeed will) ever make any real difference in the real world?

    What if the ‘change’ we need is more fundamental, and what if the ‘change’ we so desperately need is to be found ‘in here’ (our own attitudes and behaviours) rather than ‘out there’ – the political circus show?

    This is not a question we are likely to ever see being asked – let alone explored – in the mainstream political arena or media – for obvious reasons! Everyone in power (or making money off that power) has an interest in maintaining the status quo. The media will never, ever think outside of the left right political paradigm. And if we allow the media to dictate out thinking and sense of possibility, then neither will we!

    Anyway have a look at this youtube series (and check out the man’s website and other videos if you are interested) and see if it doesn’t just make you shout out, “Yes of course… (unlike the politics of statism) this might actually, you know, work!” 🙂

    Statism is Dead – Stefan Moleluex (part 1 of 5)

    To me, Stefan’s arguments are a very good example of ‘cutting the crap’ and of ‘breaking the unworkable paradigm’. He recently did a brilliant analysis of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations here. His ideas are well worth a look IMHO 🙂

    On a competently different subject, did you know that the Stature of Liberty is a representation of Queen Semiramis and that it was given to US Freemasons by French Freemasons? The logo of Columbia Pictures (Columbia = Columbus/ Dove = Semiramis, hence also the district of Columbia etc) also contains a Freemasonic subliminal pyramid and all seeing eye of Horus (like the one on the back of the dollar bill). This pyramid is made from the cloud behind Semiramis and the eye is made by the torch. You can check out all of Columbia Picture’s logos going back decades – they all contain this could/ pyramid symbolism. I have some more pictures of this symbolism in my blog gallery here.

    You can see some more symbolism built into Washington’s street plan (such as inverted pentagrams etc!) HERE

    And this fascinating youtube presentation has more details on the widespread use of Semiramis/ Columbia symbolism across the US:

    Columbia The Illuminati Goddess

    • Sally Paradise says:

      Thank you for commenting.

      As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost I have already broken out of the matrix of this world. I live in the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world holds no power over me.

      Like the Apostle John I have a growing revelation of a new world order involving the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. I put no faith in government or in intellectual powers or in spirits or in the illuminati or in anything to do with the Evil One.

      The Gospel of Jesus Christ – “The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world” – is the only effective and lasting remedy for man in this world.

      The above post regarding economic issues is me saying that I don’t want government to make the battle any harder than it already is. I believe that the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

      “For whosever calls upon the name off the Lord shall be saved.”

      Click below for more info on…

      The Power Behind the New World Order

      Utopian Socialism, the Illuminati & Atheists

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