Genus Envy or How to Covet the “Hero” Class ala Paul Krugman of the New York Times

It was just a few days ago that I noticed a bumper sticker on the rear-end of a Subaru:



After reading that bumper sticker I was taken aback.  Now, after reading Paul Krugman’s New York Times Sept. 11th, 2011 opinion piece I would definitely buy a bumper sticker that read:



The Real Hero of 9-11.

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 The radio message came at 22:01:44.9 Martian time:  “The Community-Organizer-in-Chief has left the Washington DC Bureau of Breadlines and has fled to his Martha’s Vineyard compound.”

 It was to be expected. The People’s Economy had turned on him. Unfed jobless (and tattooed) masses were walking the streets looting, robbing and killing for food. Washington, the center for The People’s Economy was no longer safe.  But, we felt safe in our star-ship Gorforit. That is, Friedrich and I felt safe.  My name is Milton.

 You should know that there were many Capitalists in The People’s America when the Hope and Change Desolation began ten years ago. But, since that time, there is now only a small remnant left.

 Back then we were called the “Free-Market-eers.”  As such, we were constantly booed and jeered by The People’s Media.  Flash mobs of union workers, guided by The People’s Media, attacked us. And though we were peace-keeping people, many of us were battered and some lost their lives.  At one point it became so bad that corporate jet owners were being hung openly on the Mall, right in front of Lincoln Memorial.

 How did this all begin? A Progressive candidate (The Candidate) won the presidential election in 2008. This newly elected president began to stir up class warfare among the people.  He incited people to turn against each other, neighbor against neighbor, because of money. The People’s Media joined in.

 In 2011 a “Lean Forward” campaign was launched by the People’s Media.  Soon, the slothful, the dimwitted and the envious began to call themselves “The Forward Thinkers” or the “Lean-Forward Thinkers” – commonly known as the “LFT”. Their numbers, mostly union workers and unemployed college graduates with useless degrees, grew rapidly.

 The People’s Media which had once campaigned for The Candidate in 2008, now campaigned for the Lean-Forward group.  The campaign encouraged these marauders to take from the rich (those who had a job and some income) and to give to the “under-privileged” – those who saw what others had and wanted the same things.

From the Oval office the president, via regular People’s Media broadcasts, told the citizens that government was the best mechanism to handle society’s problems.  So, with the help ‘elected’ representatives he began to take away the people’s money through taxation. People were no longer able to donate to charities or to directly help their neighbor.  Every dollar was excised from the people for the people in The People’s Economy.

 The People’s Media, rousing the animal passions of the LFT members, encouraged demonstrations to take place against Free-Marketeer businesses.  Soon, though, the demonstrations were replaced with random looting and pillaging of stores.  Strife increased between merchant and customer, neighbors and friends.

 Our nations’ economy, once strong and vibrant because of free-market exchange, was now subject to the whims of recalcitrant, angry mobs and inept tyrannical leadership.  It quickly deteriorated until our present time.

 So, a plan was decided at our last Capitalist conclave held in a secret hiding place near Mount Rushmore.  Two of us would go to Mars and begin a free market economy on a new planet. Both Friedrich and I volunteered to go.  We were the oldest in the group.  If something happened we were both prepared to die.

 We had the star-ship Goforit but not the fuel.  The People’s Economy rationed both fuel and food. So, we had to put our heads together to find a solution. Now, we had done similar things like this before so we were not overly concerned but time was running out.

There was no IPO for this venture, no influx of cash.  The US dollar had folded.  Instead, we had to learn to create fuel out of gold bullion.  And, as it turned out, a small amount of this fuel would take us all the way to Mars. Once there we could also use it to barter with the Martians.  They have no gold on Mars but they do have good underground living quarters for the two of us. We could set up shop very quickly. In fact, it was the Martians who had offered to help us.  They would benefit from us. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship, something no longer found in The People’s America.

 We all believed, the Free-Market-eers, that is, that there would be defectors from the People’s Economy but we didn’t know when. Things were getting nasty in The People’s America.  So we decided to plan ahead and get ready for the influx of homeless and hungry. We had to start somewhere new.  Somewhere that wouldn’t be affected by The People’s Media. 

It seemed to us that Mars was the best option since there was a significant time delay for any radio signal to reach that planet. And better yet, The People’s Media Broadcasts would easily get lost within the noise of space radiation and our own Sun’s solar flares. “Bingo,” I said when I heard this.


 “Milton”, Friedrich spoke glancing out Goforit’s small window at the silent Martian orb, “soon you and I will be able to start our booming life again, but this time, on the Red Planet!”

Milton replied, “A laissez-faire world at last. To Mars or bust, my friend, to Mars or bust.”

© Sally Paradise, 2011, All Rights Reserved

2012: I’m Shovel Ready

2012:  Do you really want four more years of:

  • Blaming Bush for the enormous national debt incurred under Obama’s watch?
  •  Blaming corporate jet owners for having money? (The jets are primarily used to make sales that create & maintain jobs. BTW: Nancy Pelosi uses a government (the largest corp.)- jet.)
  •  Straw man arguments leading to more blaming of others and deflection of responsibility?
  • Obama’s wars?
  • Blaming the failure of bad economic policies on under funding (not enough tax money coming in)?
  • 9.2 % unemployment, recession and inflation?
  • Condescension, obstinacy & shaming?
  • A destructive learning curve for a Chicago politician with no life experience other than the circle jerking of community organizing?
  • Class warfare & the segregation of people into economic & social classes, turning America backwards in time?
  • Inciting racism and hate speech among blacks and the liberal media?
  • Being told that social justice favors the poor and takes advantage of the rich?
  • Incompetence at every turn? (Did it really take much thought to pull the trigger on UBL?)
  • Utter & blatant narcissism?
  • No business acumen whatsoever?
  • A president who blindly sides with militant Palestinians against Israel?
  • A president who apologizes for the US every chance he gets (to win approval)?
  • A First Lady who says living in the White House is hell.
  • Knowing that your future earnings will be given to the government and that you get only pennies on the dollar in return?
  • The theocracy of Socialism? Of the greed of preference?
  • A “fair share” democracy which is defined by a small elite intellectual class and not by Justice?
  • Putting Americans on the Road to Serfdom subject to the whims of an elite intellectual class? Of making Americans useful idiots?
  • Obama’s political favoritism towards GE, labor unions and himself? Of never putting America first?
  • A president who claims he is a Christian but uses Christ’s name only as a means to get his campaign in the door of churches and onto the screeds written by social justice’s “useful idiots”?
  • Czars not sanctioned by Congress but paid for with your tax dollars (these people have jobs): Afghanistan Czar; AIDS Czar; Border Czar; California Water Czar; Car Czar; Central Region Czar; Climate Czar; Cyber Czar; Domestic Violence Czar; Drug Czar; Economic Czar; Energy and Environment Czar; Faith-Based Czar; Government Performance Czar; Great Lakes Czar; Green Jobs Czar; Guantanamo Closure Czar; Health Czar; Information Czar; Intelligence Czar; Mideast Peace Czar; Pay Czar; Regulatory Czar; Science Czar; Stimulus Accountability Czar; Sudan Czar; TARP Czar; Technology Czar; Terrorism Czar; Urban Affairs Czar; Weapons Czar; WMD Policy Czar
  • Sloganeering:  Change, Hope, Yes We Can…of spin?
  • A dumb-ing down of America for equal outcomes?
  • The loss of property?
  • The inability to use God-given natural resources?
  • The devaluation of your citizenship by this administration’s blind eye to illegal immigration (to gain political advantage)
  • The list goes on…but America may not, if Obama is re-elected.

The Liberal Media Has Spoken

Worker Bees, Education Reform and Our Little Ones

The US education reform system creates…”Worker bees—cooperative, collaborative, team players, not too well educated but willing to work for a pittance for the good of the collective whole (ie, the state). Knowledge is power! A culturally illiterate nation will not long remain free. William Pearson Tolley, Chancelor of Syracuse University, wrote, in 1943,

“In a slave state, vocational training may be education enough. For the education of free men, much more is required. “”

“As parents look at education reform, little do they realize that education and the purpose of education are being transformed. No longer is education to produce an innovative, creative, intelligent child, who has a broad but intensive liberal arts background such that he or she can reach for the star of stars of his or her choice. The purpose of education, under this transformation, this paradigm shift, is to mold the child to meet the needs of the global economy of the 21st Century, to produce a world class worker with the attitudes, values and beliefs wanted by big business.” Lynn Stuter

Quotes from:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” (Saul Alinsky’s dedication of his book “Rules for Radicals “)

The Psychology of Becoming

Some might look at this title and think, “This sounds like something from Abraham Maslow or Carl Rogers.”

The world view of systems governance is humanism, a religion immersed in the concept that “no deity will save us, we must save ourselves” (Humanist Manifesto, 1973). To that end, systems governance has been developed and fine tuned over a period of several decades, the purpose being to “create the future;” to decide what the world is to look like at a designated future time, then design and align everything to achieve that vision. The ultimate goal is to attain and maintain the global sustainable environment.

The concept that we must save ourselves finds basis in the humanist principle that man has no spirituality or self-determinism, that man is merely a product of his environment and must, therefore, be “conditioned” to the perceived environment of the “created future” as one system of many systems.

Conditioning necessarily requires the change of one’s existing world view — one’s existing attitudes, values, and beliefs, one’s existing behaviors. In book after book written by those advocating systems education, that it is the behavior of the individual that must be changed is apparent:

“… a large part of what we call ‘good teaching’ is the teacher’s ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students’ fixed beliefs and getting them to discuss issues.” (Bloom, 1964)

“The individual acts consistently in accordance with the values he has internalized at this level, and our concern is to indicate two things: (a) the generalization of this control to so much of the individual’s behavior that he is described and characterized as a person by these pervasive controlling tendencies, and (b) the integration of these beliefs, ideas, and attitudes into a total philosophy or world view.” (Bloom, 1964)

“Since the real purpose of education is not to have the instructor perform certain activities but to bring about significant changes in the students’ patterns of behavior, it becomes important to recognize that any statement of the objectives … should be a statement of changes to take place in the student.” (Tyler, 1949)

“… education, as now conceived, leads to demonstrable changes in student behaviors, changes that can be assessed using agreed-upon standards.” (Conley, 1993)
The question becomes how to achieve the change in behaviors … world view … attitudes, values and beliefs.

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel developed a process known as the Hegelian Dialectic in which opposites (thesis and antithesis) are brought together in compromise (synthesis) to form a new thesis which becomes the view of the group participants, individually and as a whole. Hegel theorized that through a continual use of this process, small groups would evolve to a “higher plane” signified by their becoming part of an ever larger group, until “oneness of mind” in a society theoretically would occur.

Today, this process is known by at least three other names: the Delphi Technique, the Alinsky Method, and the facilitated process of consensus building. It is also the process of the “guide on the side, not the sage on the stage” — the teacher (now called a facilitator) in the classroom. It is the process of critical thinking, conflict resolution, peer mediation, focus groups, consensus circles … The process has the effect of forcing the individual, in order to be a member of the group (which is aggressively encouraged and pursued), to give up his individual beliefs for the beliefs of the group.

Building on Hegel’s theory, Marx came to the conclusion that religion, with its authoritarian principles and higher authority, caused alienation of the individual from the group. As such, Marx wrote, religion is antithetical to the cohesion of the group and must be eradicated.

The Hegelian Dialectic is about compromise — the bringing together of opposites, and from those opposites, theoretically, a new truth emerges. In this environment, there is no right or wrong answer, only differences of opinion — how people “feel” about an issue. In this setting right and wrong stand on equal footing.

What happens when you synthesize right (good) and wrong (evil)? Which will prevail, right or wrong?

If you believe that man is inherently good (humanist world view), you will say that man will choose right over wrong, good over evil. But if you believe that man has a sin nature (Christian world view), then you will say that man will, unless he has been instilled with a moral compass of right and wrong in obedience to the teachings of a higher authority, choose wrong or evil.

Man, under a higher authority, will aspire to climb the mountain to better himself. Those who believe that man is inherently good will go down the mountain believing that good is whatever they perceive or rationalize it to be.  It is of note, at this point, that the compromise of the two world views is the New Age world view concept of self-divination. No higher authority, but all authority coming from within man himself, self-divination, inner wisdom leading to the concept that “perception is reality.”

Before he died, Dr Abraham H Maslow stated that his theories — what became known as Third Force Psychology — failed because they were built upon the false premise that man is inherently good, that they failed to recognize or take into account the sin nature of man. The theories of Maslow and those of Dr Carl Rogers, furthering the theories and philosophy of Hegel and Marx, are the basis of the non-directive, feelings-based education system now in schools under the moniker of education reform.

Returning, for a moment, to good and evil, and the synthesis of the two, when you compromise the authoritarian principles that inspire man to climb the mountain to better himself, man loses the will to aspire, and evil prevails.

Some may recognize this concept in a Chinese symbol that has been around for many a century, but became a more universal symbol when it was adopted by the “hippy movement” of the 1960s. The symbol is the yin and yang symbol.

Some will also recognize it as the New Age symbol. The white represents good, the black evil. Within the circle of compromise, white, when mixed with black, is no longer white. This is symbolic of the compromise of Satan and Christ in which Satan prevails and the resulting synthesis of good and evil is said to be good even though it has taken on the vestiges of evil.

Another symbol that resulted from this concept, also emanating from the hippy generation, is the “peace symbol.” The lines within the circle represent what is known as an upside down “broken cross.” Within the circle, the peace symbol represents the victory of Satan over Christ when Christ died on the cross for the sins of man. The symbol is a statement that if we accept evil on an equal basis with good, harmony will result. This finds basis in the concept that man is inherently good, a concept that Maslow, himself, admitted was a false premise.

So it is, in consensus building, that right does not prevail, but wrong does prevail in the name of synthesis. As stated in one conflict resolution curriculum, “conflict resolution is rarely about honesty or establishing truth—it is more about unifying perceptions.” (Bodine, 1994) If you have a bully and his victim in conflict resolution or peer mediation to achieve consensus (compromise), who will prevail in such an environment? Obviously, the bully will prevail.

Returning to the concept that man must be conditioned to the perceived environment, one proponent of the New Age world view wrote:
“You can only have a new society, the visionaries have said, if you change the education of the younger generation. … Of the Aquarian Conspirators surveyed, more were involved in education than in any other single category of work. … Marion Fantini, former Ford consultant on education, now at the State University of New York, said bluntly, ‘The psychology of becoming has to be smuggled into the schools.'” (Ferguson, 1980)
When Ferguson’s book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, was published, people scoffed at the very idea of it. After all, it was really too bizarre to be taken seriously! Little did people know that it was being implemented right under their noses and they had no idea it was happening.

At this point, it is imperative that we remember what the new basics are: “team work, critical thinking, making decisions, communication, adapting to change and understanding whole systems” (WTECB, 1994)
As noted above, in book after book, advocating systems education, it is made very clear that behavior must be changed to achieve the wanted outcomes or exit outcomes defined at the state level, benchmarked to the national goals for workforce development, and implemented at the local level. Assessments are the tool used to determine if the wanted behaviors are being achieved.

This is occurring in the classroom via teachers (facilitators) and paraprofessionals (facilitator aides); in the counselor’s office; in the school psychologist’s office; on the playground and in the hallways via social workers who watch students and note their observations (called “profiling”). Some schools even have what are called “buddies,” small hand-held computers in which the bar code that serves as the unique identifier of the student and the bar code of the observed behavior can be scanned much as a scanner in a store registers the bar code of a product when swiped over it. The data entered into the hand held scanner is later downloaded to the student’s school file.

Do any of these individuals have the training, clinical experience, or license to use psychological practices and techniques on children on school premises to change their belief systems? No, they don’t. Not even a school psychologist. And lest we have forgotten, the psychological techniques and theories of Maslow and Rogers were originally intended to be used on people with mental disorders.

What is happening in the classroom, in the name of education reform, amounts to medical malpractice. What is even worse is that the created future cannot be achieved unless a majority of children in the government school acquire the wanted belief system. That psychological manipulation is the only route (because the philosophy is not normal or natural to the human condition) from present to future should serve as a wake-up call to parents and citizens.

But many parents are going along with this, believing their child(ren) actually needs psychological help. Very few children really need psychological help, and those who do certainly do not need the type of psychological help they are getting in the government school.

The name that has been given this non-directive, feelings based education system is “psycho-education.” Psycho is right. It is destroying or badly damaging young lives and leaving children ill-equipped to meet the realities of the world beyond the classroom.

Some Christian parents send their child(ren) to the government schools, believing that in so doing, they are following the commandment of God to “go forth and witness.” The bible also says, in three consecutive chapters;
“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin … to stumble … to be offended, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung about his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (KJV)
Can we surmise that Christ commanded us to protect these “little ones” from harms way? Most adults could not withstand what these children are being subjected to on a daily basis in the closed environment of the government school. How could any Christian parent believe their child(ren) could withstand the same?

In closing, remember the song from the hippy generation of the sixties, “The Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension (May, 1969) in which the group proudly proclaimed the sixties to be “… the dawning of the age of Aquarius?” The age of Aquarius, the psychology of becoming, has arrived.

© 2003 Lynn M. Stuter – All Rights Reserved
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Charles P. Pierce – Idiot America

Here is are some excerpts from an on-line Review of a book written by Charles P. Pierce, Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

“…Someone with the ability to see America with a critical eye is an impossibility for them (Idiot Americans). They believe in American exceptionalism above all else. They thought a C student President was a genius. These are the roughly 30% of Americans who still believe that Iraq had something to do with 9-11. You cannot mock them enough, but that’s about it. Self awareness is not their forte. These people don’t do nuance.”
“…Idiots stay idiotic — continuing to push at the pull sign on the door to reason. Idiot America is the land of willful ignorance; facts do not matter. Idiot America (like the Bush Administration) constructs its own reality every day. They watch Fox News and read the latest pundit screed from the right; they listen to Rush, and they watch the skies for black helicopters. When Obama spoke of people clinging to guns and religion when they are upset with the world, he was talking about Idiot America. Gun sales are up since he became president. He’s the scary black man they fear.”
“…Idiot America is the place where people believe in “The Gut,” otherwise known as George W. Bush’s favorite organ and/or appendage. Cable television and talk radio are the two biggest media organs that feed The Gut (The Gut does not read much).”
“Once on television . . . you are speaking to The Gut, and The Gut is a moron … The Gut is the roiling depository of dark and ancient fears. It knows what it knows because it knows how it feels. It pits intellect against feeling. It can be thought as “common sense,” but it is the kind that is rarely common and rarely makes sense.” [pages 34-35]
…”We must reject the simplistic view of The Gut and return to Our Brain.”
As you can gather from the above review, the elitist liberal journalist Mr. Pierce knows better than the rest of us or at least the ones he looks down on. This is a book that liberals and progressives love to revel in: it is haughty, non-redemptive, polarizing, snobbish, arrogant and jaded. It provides liberals and progressives succor in a world filled with the “idiots” who are all around them. Sadly, those who read this liberal dribble will become more ensconced in their ivory towers while the rest of us “morons” must ‘feel’ our way down below.
I am a conservative woman. I am well read in many areas of politics, finance, literature and morals (or as he calls it “The Gut”, something Mr. Pierce gives little credence to). I base my understanding of the world not on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or the media. I am a thinking intellectual who has traveled to many parts of the world. Long ago I was diagnosed with a brain. Since I am a woman I also use my intuition (Maybe Mr. Pierce, as revealed in his pointed attacks on Sarah Palin, is a simply a misogynist.). I use this “gut” feeling to make decisions. I use every thing available to me in order to make wise decisions. Finally, I pray and ask for wisdom. Does the enlightened Mr. Pierce pray to himself, “The Brain”?
As a writer I know how easy it is to pen self-serving trash. The writing of Idiot America must have been a no-brainer for Mr. Pierce