The Lord of Ism’s Prayer

Our Obama which art in the White House

Wallowed be thy fame.

Thy -ism come,

Thy will be done nationally

As it is in North Korea.

Give us this day our daily ration.

And forgive us our liberty,

As we forgive those who use their liberty to pay their own way.

And lead us not into the debt-free living,

But deliver us from clarity

For thine is the government, the IRS and the media

For as long as we vote.


© Sally Paradise, 2012, All Rights Reserved


Here is an interesting statement from Chairman Mao, April 30, 1971: 

“China should learn from the way America developed, by decentralizing and spreading responsibility and wealth among 50 states.  A central government could not do everything.  China must depend upon regional and local initiative.  It would not do [spreading his hands] to leave everything up to him [Mao].

One Debt to Rule Them All

The Hopey-Changey Barack-O-Meter hit a new low this past week.

American credit has been downgraded by Standard & Poors. This happened because of the economic and social policies of Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats forced a debt ceiling deal that was nowhere near good enough to prevent the downgrade. It was the *Tea Party members of Congress who demanded substantial cuts to make our country fiscally sound. Instead, our time was ‘murdered’ by the Mad Hatter and his tea party.

But that’s not all….

There are over fourteen million people out of work. The effective unemployment rate is 20% of the population – one in five Americans. Many people have given up looking for work. BO, community-organizer-in-chief, continues to offer absolutely nothing of substance to turn the economy around. He proffers class warfare – the African dictator way of handling things. His version of social justice is to ransack the rich and feed his political coffers (while lavishing himself with many golf outings and a birthday week  bash– very African dictator like.)

BO continues to push for more government regulation and this only tightens the noose around small businesses. They die off every day.

Obamacare is a plague on our nation. Many corporations will drop their health care coverage. Many large companies have opted out. Many doctors will leave the practice. The passed-on cost of this health care ‘reform’ will shut the doors of many of the nation’s small businesses, the very life-blood of our economy. The voodoo social and economic policies of BO have brought a pox on all of us.

2012: There will be people who will continue to vote for the downgrade of the US – people who read Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, who follow, Jim Wallis and other progressive panaceans.  There are people who only listen to Hollywood movie stars lecturing the public about social policies, ‘lobal’ warming and revised US history. These people will vote with their left hand because they don’t want to know what the right hand is doing.

“Barack Obama’s political genius is his ability to say things that will sound good to people who have not followed the issues in any detail — regardless of how obviously fraudulent what he says may be to those who have. Shameless effrontery can be a huge political asset, especially if uninformed voters outnumber those who are informed.” Thomas Sowell, economist

In stead of Hope and Change, BO’s 2012 campaign slogan should be, Be in Hock with Barack!

*In an amazing bout of stupidity and rancor this past week VP Joe Biden called Tea Party members “Terrorists”.  Joe must have felt threatened.  The only way a Tea Party member could even be considered a terrorist is when they threaten the status quo of politicians like Joe Biden.

“That’s All I Can Stands, I Can’t Stands No More”

Americans are upset about the impasse in the debt limit talks and about the enormous debt encumbered on each of us but Americans have themselves to blame.  Here’s why.

 Over time, especially since the 1930s, Americans have given the government all of its powers.  Americans have continually asked government to do more for them, the latest entitlement being Obamacare. Americans have increased the size of government and with it the magnitude of problems have increased exponentially due to politics, lobbyists, etc.

 The greater the size of the government the greater the chance for lobbyists to steer the course of legislation to their benefit and they will do it under the radar.  The greater the size of our government the greater the chance that our tax money will fall between the cracks and will profit someone else.  There is no accountability, effectively, for government.  The three branches of government are often enablers.  Government wields its power through taxation and by creating onerous laws and is accountable to no one, not even the voter. It just keeps growing in power because people keep voting in people who promise the world. The checks and balance of our three-cornered system need to be checked and balanced.  We desperately need a Balance Budget Amendment.

 Because people keep asking for more and more ‘stuff’ the politicians promise them this ‘stuff’ to get their vote.  What the voter gets in return is pennies on the dollar. Yet, people, like lemmings, keep voting for a tax and spend Democratic ticket that always brings the US to the brink of financial disaster. Why? Ask yourself.

 I am an independent.  I would never vote Democratic.  The mindless tax and spend policies of Democrats coupled with the embrace of abortion makes their platform prohibitive to me, an Independent and a Christian. The Democratic party is the party of Death, Deference and Dependence.

 I am independent because I believe in a very small government structure, a government that only provides for the national defense, the interstate highways and transportation and the rule of law, enacting justice and not fairness. This kind of government would hold tightly to the Constitution and not make it a “blowin’-with-the-wind” document.

I do not want national healthcare. And, I wish I had all of my Social Security monies that I have paid in so that I can invest those monies in a better way. I don’t need government to do this for me.

 I am a Christian. I give to the poor.  I don’t need government to do this for me through social welfare programs.  Only a fraction of tax monies goes to help the poor.  The rest is used to support the government program and graft. Our country is already a socially just nation without all the welfare programs usurping tax dollars. 

Pet projects:  Planned Parenthood, NPR, the National Endowment for the Arts, etc should never receive tax monies. There should be no Federal earmarks, no Federal bailouts, no pork belly earmarks  – no earmarks whatsoever.  Deep pockets should not mean deeper spending.

I will never understand why African-Americans continue to vote Democratic.  The policies of Democrats promote an enslavement to the federal and state government through dependence on welfare programs: Uncle Sam, the new “Massah”.

 Our representatives in Washington and our local representatives should only be making absolutely sure that our liberties are not infringed upon and that no new laws are being passed.  Period. We should never give them the responsibility or the monies for any programs other than for defense and transportation.  Never.   Our reps should basically have nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and make self-aggrandizing speeches.

 In the end, I guess we do have a representative form of government – bloated, self-serving, wasteful and out of control.


Here’s where some of your tax money goes: