Black & Blue?

Check out this clarion communiqué:

The greatest act of social justice that any citizen could provide in 2012 would be to vote Obama OUT of office. Everyone would benefit. Not some. Everyone.

Mr. Fair Share Slow Jams Recovery

 Yeah, this is so funny Mr. POTUS.  Millions are out of work and you are on the Jimmy Fallon late night show exercising your smirk.

  Somebody should tell Obama that we are headed toward a double dip recession just as Britain and much of the European continent is already experiencing.  Rioting in the streets will not be far behind…

 November 2012:   Replace Obama with a President.  Can I get an Amen?

The “Green” Brick Road

BHO is so forward thinking (and narcissistic) that he chases his own tail right to his own straw man conclusion.

 Below is a March 15th, 2012 You-Tube video showing BHO in true form:  a professional politician pompously using straw man arguments to make a supposedly erudite point about his political agenda while poking fun at Republican candidates.

 BHO portrays himself as the elite “green” technocrat.  He postures himself as someone who can lead us boldly where no man has gone before – down the path of green energy to freedom from our slavery to fossil fuels. BHO wants you to follow the “green” brick road but this path leads directly to him, the Wizard behind the White House curtains. Don’t go there. You won’t get what you are looking for – you already have it.

 Who is BHO talking about when he says “folks running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed.  They’ve been talking down new sources of energy.”?  Certainly he is not referring to any of the Republican candidates.  None of them have said any such thing (see Gingrich video below). But of course BHO already knows that you only listen to BHO and his shills via the main stream media.

 The Republican candidates have, in fact, denounced throwing good money (our tax-payer money) after bad to promote “green energy projects and companies who will in turn promote a BHO “green energy” presidency.  These companies include most notably the bankrupt Solyndra.

 And why is BHO talking about green energy and not about jobs?  Because he knows that environmentalists and progressives will fill his campaign coffers and  BHO doesn’t want to you think about his job’s record. He doesn’t want to go there.  He’d rather chide Republicans for not being “green” minded like he is. The greenest part of BHO, though, is his envy of other’s power.

 Wind power? Solar energy?  Bio-fuels?  Algae?  Why not talk about nuclear power, the most effective source of clean power we can generate? Instead, what we have now is a Jane Fonda-esque president!

 I work in the Power Industry.  Because of my confidentiality agreement with the company I work for I am forbidden to talk about my work in detail.  Suffice it to say, though, that wind power and solar power are miniscule generators of power and are mostly irrelevant to power generation. Nuclear power, on the other hand, is a tremendous generator of energy. And, fossil fuels, abundant in our own country, have been cleaned up.  They can be transported safely and efficiently throughout our country.  Fossil fuels will also provide many thousand of jobs and secure our nation.  But, BHO will not go there.

 BHO wants the “green” ticket to ride to the 2012 presidency. He doesn’t care that it will cost the taxpayer his own “green” money (e.g.,  Solyndra) to get him there.

 BHO chides the Republicans when he says that unlike them he and the American people have “faith in the future”. Well, there certainly is enough dried bull shit in this line to fuel all the stoves of the former Russian gulags.

 BHO goes on to make Rutherford B. Hayes a straw man.  BHO lies, he cajoles, he plies you with his “green” is good BS. In the end, though, the only green wind power you’ll ever get out of a BHO presidency is what comes out of both ends of BHO.

Green Conservatism:

Cyberstalking a Woman Wisconsin State Senator

Because liberals, the Left, Progressives and Democrats have nothing constructive to offer they resort to name calling, ad hominems and distortion. The denigrating of people’s character, in fact, is used to get themselves elected – they get others to believe and respond to their inflammatory rhetoric. And this is exactly why Obama is in the White House (via the dirty politics of Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod). As everyone knows, Obama was not elected because of a political record or because of experience. He was elected because of intimidation politics played out Chicago Style.

This way of politics can also be found in the state of Wisconsin which borders Illinois.

One example of dirty politics used by the Democrats (and there are many such examples) from the Badger Pundit:

It’s Time to Cut the Crap

Get your shovels ready. 

Until we get a president in the White House and while BO is out playing with himself and passing the buck here is what I think should happen to kick-start the economy and downsize the national debt:

 1.  Stop government funding of public TV and radio immediately. I am not renouncing TV or radio.  Instead, I am saying that these communication vehicles can be funded via commercials or donations from viewers/listeners who want what they put out.

 2.  Stop government funding of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities immediately. I am an ardent fan of all the arts (except ballet, “Twinkles Down” *on that).  Art, in all its forms, should be subsidized by those who want it.  e.g., I support my local artists by buying their original art work.

 3.  Abolish all public education within the next five years.  All schools should be privately owned and operated. Remove the NEA teacher’s unions from the classroom. The government can provide vouchers for the very poor. Aspirations are what people need to go forward and not the never-ending government hand outs.

 4.  Abolish all minimum wage laws and all other unfunded mandates immediately so people can go back to work.

 5.  Put a five-year moratorium on all EPA regulations. Then, dispose of the EPA altogether in the sixth year.

 6.  Create a personal income flat tax of across the board on two income levels. Below a yearly income of $40,000.00 (this is an arbitrary number up for discussion) the flat tax rate would be 5% (e.g., $2000.00 for a $40,000. income).  For incomes of $40, 000.00 and above the tax rate is 15% (e.g., $6000.00 for a $40000.00 income).

Simplify the tax code to one or two sentences:  “You shall pay 15 % of your income for the year XXXX” if you made $40,000.00 or more in that year.

 State Sales taxes would be tied to the previous year’s income tax paid as one-ten thousandth of what you paid in income taxes the previous year. (e.g., you made $40,000 last year.  You paid $6000.00 in taxes. You next year’s sales tax on any item is $0.60.) A card would be mailed by the government to show what your maximum sales tax would be on any item. (This amount is given that the state should no longer fund education or social programs).

 (BTW:  These are just some ideas about taxation. The tax code must be simplified.  How many tax bureaucrats does the taxpayer pay for by using the current tax code nightmare? We have to think outside the box.)

 7. Cut corporate taxes in half for three years and then abolish all corporation taxes. Corporations provide jobs and benefits for people.

 8.  Abolish all tariffs

 9.  Immediately repeal the onerous Obamacare and Dodd-Frank Acts and all over-reaching Federal and State regulations so that the economic engine of America can fire properly. Currently, Obamacare is an unfunded mandate.

 10.  Give each Congressman a six-year term and one term only.  Doing this will make the Congressman concentrate on his job and not on creating populist programs that will win him re-election while costing the taxpayer mega-dollars. Term limits would also be devastating to any lobbyist trying to buy the Congressman’s power via re-election campaign monies.

(BTW:  The only expertise that long-term Congressmen and Congresswomen receive is how to craft a re-election. Let’s not give power-hungry people more power.)

 11.  Did it say it already?  Abolish the EPA.

 12.  Privatize the mail delivery system.

 13.  End social security in five years for those under fifty.  Those people can use IRAs or 401k plans instead (These people will make more money and more secure retirement money with these financial vehicles).

 14.  Limit the use of FEMA to national security emergencies such as 9/11. People living in hazardous locations can buy flood insurance, hurricane insurance, etc or they can move to a safer location.

15. Illinois house cleaning:  remove Pat Quinn (D-governor), Dick Durbin (D-senator, his wife is a lobbyist for Government Affairs Specialists, Inc.,in Springfield!), Mike Madigan (D-speaker of the house) and Rahm Emmanuel (D-Chicago mayor) from office ASAP.Illinois has the worst credit rating in the union thanks to the tax and spend Democrats. (And, the most felonious governors)

 16. Drill our own natural resources for natural gas and oil.

17.  Leave Afghanistan immediately and rebuild our own national fence.

18.  Never send another dollar to Pakistan or to the UN, for that matter.

19.  Get government out of the housing market.  Tear down those Fannie and Freddie walls. (and, remove Democrat Senators Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi  from office)

20.  Tie government spending to 1.1 % of GDP or better, pass a balanced budget amendment.

 21.  Eliminate all Social/Economic Tinkering:  all of the laws passed (using Stage One thinking*) in order to help Americans (e.g., Dick Durbin’s debit card price controls & the $5 BofA debit card charge) do not operate in isolation. These laws, in the aggregate, affect us negatively and hurt Americans more than they help. You will have to pay more for the use of your debit card in other ways. What goes around comes around, ipso facto.

 (* as Thomas Sowell, economist, defines thinking that does look at all of the possible ramifications of a proposed law.  Laws do not operate in a vacuum.  I highly recommend his latest book, The Thomas Sowell Reader, copyright 2011.)

 22.  We need free trade agreements passed now.

23.  Breakup the monopoly of the US government and Federal Reserve Bank. Better, get rid of most of government and shut down the Federal Reserve Bank.

24.  Because lobbyists are voters with lots of campaign money attached and because we have a representative government we must make congress accountable to the people and not solely to lobbyists and special interests. I propose a full disclosure statement be written and posted online every time a representative interacts with a lobbyist. This statement would disclose the date and time of contact, the means of contact, the purpose of contact, the information exchanged and our representative’s disposition to said matter. This statement must be signed by both parties and posted online.  This disclosure statement must be done every time – pre, post and during office, night and day, during working hours and during their free time.  To not disclose interaction with a lobbyist (I will need legal language here to define lobbyists and special interests.) whether via phone, email, texting, in person or via a third-party would be considered a felony and would be punishable by a minimum of 30 years in prison. This law would affect aides and family, as well.

 25.  Elect Presidents with business savvy, leadership and management experience –  “Twinkles Up”.  Do not elect “buff” spoiled brats who spend most of their time looking in the mirror, blaming Bush and playing golf. That would be “Twinkles Down”.**

(**For everyone who is working and NOT a OWS protestor, “Twinkles Down” means “bad” in protestor speak.)

The Discriminating Voter Du Jour

Overheard in a restaurant this past Saturday morning: 

 “Good Morning. Coffee, Ma’am?”


“Cream and Sugar?”

 “I like my coffee like my presidents, hot and black.”

 Soon after, by her boisterous one-way table conversation, I could tell that this woman with the black coffee was a liberal democrat. She made sure that everyone in the room knew she was a liberal Democrat.  The restaurant happens to be in a very Republican county of Illinois.

 Sadly, I had an acid Flashback:

“Between workouts during his Hawaii vacation this week, he was photographed looking like the paradigm of a new kind of presidential fitness, one geared less toward preventing heart attacks than winning swimsuit competitions. The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games.”
Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow in a December 25, 2008 front-page story about Obama’s vacation fitness regimen.

…breaking away from the effete imagery, I also became puzzled…

 I was surprised that the woman’s coffee preference analogy went straight past a whole vending machine selection of delectable liberal Dems!: Al Franken, Barbara Boxer, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank, Anthony Weiner, Maxine Waters, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi!

DWTS Section:

What do Obama and Chaz Bono have in common?  both are activists and both are out of step with the voters.

Food Section:

Cocktails anyone?

 How about Captain Morgan Freeman on the rocks!

 Movie actor & Tea Party authority, Morgan Freeman:

“The Tea Party, it’s obviously a racist thing!”

Please Morgan, play a new role for us and not the role of the sage old black man helping troubled whiteys. (Buyer beware: The cinema public is currently being inundated with Morgan Freeman castings! Does this mean he got the part instead of a hispanic or an asian actor?)

 Friends Don’t Let Friends Blather Racism!

Genus Envy or How to Covet the “Hero” Class ala Paul Krugman of the New York Times

It was just a few days ago that I noticed a bumper sticker on the rear-end of a Subaru:



After reading that bumper sticker I was taken aback.  Now, after reading Paul Krugman’s New York Times Sept. 11th, 2011 opinion piece I would definitely buy a bumper sticker that read:



The Real Hero of 9-11.

I’m going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.


Have you ever been in a relationship with a controlling person?  If you have you will better understand what I am writing about below.

 A controlling person is often a perfectionist.  For whatever unsettling condition/s that occurred in their young lives their need for perfectionism is absolute.  These people must have everything perfectly in order and under control.  And, in doing so, these people will find fault with everything. It doesn’t matter how good things are.  They will find fault with it. Their common reproach:  This is good, and yet…”  

You have just broached the liberal/progressive mindset and the maniacal motivations behind Hope and Change and MSNBC’s Lean Forward campaign


Control is the modus operandi of the Democratic Party.  This party seeks to control the conversation, to control your words with its ersatz religion of political correctness, to control the amount of your take-home pay, to control the social milieu, to control your food intake, to control the air, the water, the earth, control the science of air, water and earth, to control energy, to control finances, to control the pretense of international involvement via undeclared military action, to control education through teachers unions and text-books, to control jobs through unions, to control guns – to control your life ad infinitum.  The Dems have myriads of tyrannies of control governed by their politicians in charge of their ‘kingdoms’.  These Dems inherently seek more power to control and more time in office doing more of the same – controlling you at your expense. And, they keep Black-Americans in ‘their’ place with social welfare programs.

Let’s look at some of this tightening of the noose around our necks:

Control the conversation:  Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller are just two examples of those who would constrain the first amendment to only leftist thinkers. Remember Stalin and the Gulags? Remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn being imprisoned for his writing against the government? Students today only read the myopic screed The People’s History of the United States written by the communist Howard Zinn.  These students have no idea about real world and American history. Student neo-socialists will seek to repeat Stalin’s Russia, I have no doubt.

Control the social milieu:  homosexuality, the donkey’s behind of the Democratic Party symbol, demands that the homosexual life-style addiction be accepted and endorsed by everyone at every level, much like pot-heads who want pot legalized.  Homosexuality demands that our children be taught about this lifestyle.  It demands that our children’s text books be filled with homosexual lore and history. And, if you don’t agree with homosexuality it will shout out “Homophobe!” Americans have every reason to fear the degeneration of America because of homosexuality.

Control your food intake:  Think Michelle Obama; think Democratic thin lizzies wanting to stop McDonalds and other fast food restaurants from serving their product to you. They want to control your weight.

Control your take home pay:  Democrats want to tax, tax, tax, build a casino to lure your money away, tax, tax, build a casino, tax…

Control energy:  Cap and Trade (says it all)

Control your job through unions:  union leaders want to have command of your job.  Once someone joins a union they want you to donate, donate and donate to their ’cause’. They will then skim money from your collected donations.  Union bosses are greedier than the corporate industry they rail against. And, they know that you are eager to give over your rights to them in exchange for the pretense of collective bargaining. They play on people’s laziness, people’s lack of motivation and people’s lack of self-determination. They tell you that they have the leverage that you don’t have.  This is a lie, of course. You can work wherever you want whenever you want if your are determined to do so or you can create your own company/job. You are free but unions are control mongers.

Control finances: the Dodd-Frank Act equals control, control, control, blame, control, blame and control; the irony: co-author Barney Frank is the very one who brought upon us the financial crisis of 2008 with his oversight Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’ little or no money down mortgages for low-income people.

Control the pretense of international involvement via military action:  It is a well-known fact that presidents who have not had military experience go easily into war. And, when they go to war they strictly limit and control the military action which in turn never yields a resolution or a decision of surrender. Instead of decisive military action there is only the ‘controlled’ back and forth of military hokey-pokey wasting lives, money and time.

 Extreme control and droll sameness are necessary to create a manufactured utopia. Everyone has to be on the same page for the utopia to work. The elitist left, Progressive Democrats, think that they know what is best for you.  Their ivory tower professors lecture naive and un-historied students spewing out their idealist nonsense in hopes of producing more useful idiots for their cache of followers.  These same professors have no real life experience.  They are afraid to go out into the real world. (Except, of course,  for William Ayers, the domestic terrorist.  He has actual experience in domestic terror.)

  “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business,” President Calvin Coolidge told journalists in March 1929.

Get This Monkey off Our Backs – Just Say No to Debt


H/T to MAD Magazine

Sign of the Times:

At my workplace two days ago employees were sent an e-mail saying that the vending machine company was raising their prices. Yesterday, I saw a man put a dollar into a vending machine and nothing came out. Today, there is a sign on the vending machine that says, “Sorry, Temporarily Out of Order.” At least we know the price!

Is government healthy for you?

A recent report out of Poughkeepsie, NY finds that there is a direct correlation between Big Oversized Government and Coronary Artery Disease. Also in the report, there is a significant increase in governmental psychosis. More elected officials and government employees are losing touch with reality. To counter these problems the report said that more and more citizens are now relying on Depends to make it through the day.

On a happier note, the makers of Pepto Bismol are reporting increased sales.

This just in…
Increased numbers of corporate jet owners are being grounded by President Obama’s social policies.
Apparently, this policy is causing pilots, mechanics, traffic controllers, flight attendants, airport support personnel and employees of aircraft manufacturers to lose their jobs, further increasing the jobless numbers. Nancy Pelosi was heard to comment that “these job loses were just unfortunate collateral damage in the war for social justice.”

Bounce Back Recovery

Walking the streets of Chicago today I came upon an *African-American woman walking in the opposite direction.  As she approached me, I could see that this large woman was wearing an extra large white T-shirt with the words “Barack Obama” on the front.  Midway down between “Barack” and “Obama” was a black and white picture of Obama grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Barack” bounced and heaved due to the fact that behind “Barack” were two enormous breasts which desperately needed supporting. As the woman came closer I had a moment of great insight: …”Barack”…”Obama”…two large breasts…needing support… big government… needing support!

 When I returned to my office I immediately wrote a check out to Barack Obama. I wrote and told him that I wanted him to buy the largest support bra that he could find for this nation – something that would support the giant teats of the great society!

(*”African-American” is a Jesse Jackson approved modifier.)

(No breasts were harmed in the process of writing this.)

 (This article is rated “8” on the PC Tiz Magnitude Scale.)